Utility Services

We Create Utility Solutions That Work

We Utilize our Strategic Utility Relationships

Crossroad Services has strong relationships with key decision makers for utility providers and implementers across the United States

We are able to leverage these relationships to channel additional utility funding for our retail and manufacturing partners through traditional utility incentive and pilot programs

Our relationships allow us to create proposals that are attractive to utility providers by maximizing the return on incentive disbursement

Design of programs which promote each utility beyond basic shelf signage to receive higher incentive levels

Dedicated Utility Management Team

The CSI Utility team is dedicated to the design, implementation and administration of both commercial and retail utility programs.

We handle the utility incentive process from facilitating meetings with the appropriate contacts, allocation of fund requests, MOU tracking and point-of-sale reconciliation. Our installation and regular audits of required signage ensure that our customers will meet and remain in compliance with the utility and PUC auditor’s guidelines.

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The Crossroad Services Team

Adam Parrish
Vice President - Utility Programs

12 Years Utility Program Management Experience and 21 Years in the Lighting, Electrical, and Plumbing Products Industry. Adam has worked with several retailers, suppliers and commercial distributors since 2008 acting as the liaison to utility program providers to identify and facilitate incentive opportunities.

Chris Boyle
Utility Program Manager

4 Years Utility Program Management Experience. Chris also has over 10 years of marketing experience in media and promotional advertising industry. Chris understands how to calculate an ROI and create the tools to assist sales representatives in increasing sales.

Tony Nelson
Business Development Representative

2 Years Utility Program Management Experience. Tony also has inside sales and sales support experience in the hardware industry along with 7 years revenue management in the hospitality industry. Tony understands ROI reporting and assisting sales professionals drive sales.

Jon Wild
Business Development Manager

8 Years Utility Program Management Experience. Jon has worked in the Lighting and Electrical Products industry since 2003 and has worked with our CSI’s Utility Team since 2012. He has created a vast database of utility program information by zip code for all lighting, gas, and water saving incentives across the US and specializes in program identification and allocation request creation.

Nick Simonich
Business Development Manager

9 Years Utility Program Management Experience. Nick previously worked in the Solar Industry and has extensive experience in selling energy efficient products and programs to customers by helping them to understand the ROI payback through incentive, labor, and energy saving calculations. Nick has key relationships with many utility providers and 3rd party implementers throughout the US.

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